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Here Is Everything You Need to Know

Description of Services

Infant and Child Feeding:

Michigan craniosacral provides elite services for variety of issues:

Oral Motor:

Michigan Craniosacral therapy begin by looking for weakness, tone irregularities and asymmetry that affect feeding. We will look at how your child is moving food in their mouth and swallowing. We will address stages of feeding development and progress your child to the appropriate skill level. We strive to make munching, chewing, biting food, a snap!


We will address what is impacting your child’s ability to use his/her jaw, lips and tongue. We will consider issues that interfere with your baby’s seal and milk intake. We will also look at your child’s ability to coordinate, sucking, breathing and swallowing. Our commitment is to make your special time breastfeeding easy and effortless, so you and your child can sigh with contentment and love.

Picky Eating:

There is always a reason a child will not eat. The myth out there is: if a child is hungry enough, they will eat, that unfortunate, is not true. At Michigan Craniosacral we will look at where your child’s sensitivities are located. In the mouth, you can have places of high sensitivity, low sensitivity or a combination. We will look at your child’s individual sensory system and create a map for normalizing sensitivities and a plan for successful integration of foods including vegetables and proteins.

Somato emotional release

This approach is based on the concept that we hold in our tissues memory and emotions that were encapsulated at the time of great trauma. This trauma could be physical blows, virus vaccinations, negative emotions and words at time of accident. These events create a type of muscle restriction that interferes with function. The purpose of this release is to create increase function and create a freedom of ease in high charge situations which leave the past behind

Sensory Integration

Michigan Craniosacral therapy provides therapy for children who have difficulty with sensory integration. We provide individual treatment to address issues of children in this area. Our approach address issues in sensory systems. This includes but not limited to:

Vestibular- This system is made up of the three semicircular canals in the inner ear. This is the “BOSS”.

This system registers movement in lateral, forward/backwards and rotational planes. If a child has issues in this area, some the following behaviors could result

- Car sickness

- Sitting down when walking across a door threshold

- Never getting enough swinging Unable to swing

- Poor Balance difficult with change in head position (i.e. washing hair)

- Difficulty maintaining head fear of heights or climbing

Proprioception: This system is the muscle system. This system gives us the power to move. It tells us the relationship of one body part to the other. It gives us a relationship with others and objects. It how we interact with our environment. If a child has issues in this area, some of the following behaviors could result:

Child is very weak and fatigues easily

- Child deliberate bumps and crashes into objects

- Stomps feet on ground constantly chewing on items

- Holds pencil too tightly or too lightly Messy written work

- Will kick, bang, hit, or bite

- Stabilizes against furniture or adult

- Clumsily frequently drops items

- Locks joints to maintain posture

Tactile- This system is the first system to develop in the body. It deals with light touch, pressure, vibration, temperature and pain. It keeps the brain organized and develops ability to protect our bodies and discriminate the touches of our world. If a child had issues in this area, some behaviors that could result are:

Avoids expression of affection such as hugs

- Has difficulty standing in line

- Dislikes holding items

- Uses mouth not hands to explore

- Touches people or objects excessively

- Reacts aggressively when touched by others

- Reacts to clothing

- Picky eater

- Isolates and is loner

- Resists change

- Overacts to pain or does not notice injuries

We offer a full variety of test which is age specific to identify the core of your child issues. No child is the same. We pride ourselves in being great detectives to find out your child core issues. Then efficiently quick and productively provide a resolution. Our commitment is to get your child in their lives as fast as possible.

Visceral Manipulation

This technique is designed to release restrictions that occur in the organs of the body. These restrictions can affect the organs natural ability to eliminate toxins, restore health, cleanse the body and maintain the body homeostasis. This aids difficulty with colon, stomach, liver, pancreas, and bladder.

Therapeutic Listening

 A sound-based program which empowers children to develop skills in sensory areas such as auditory processing, respiration, vestibular, space orientation, language and academics to name a few.

Astronaut Training

A vestibular activating program that alters children's ability to process movement information.  It aids in a child's ability to regulate. 

Occupational therapy

The definition of Occupation is how we spend our time; when working or at home, during relaxation or fun, that which fulfills us, gives us purpose, and allows us to interact with the world around us to the best of our ability Occupational Therapy begins with this definition. It first evaluates where an individual is then treats the area of deficit to natural normal range.

  • Sensory function (vestibular, tactile, proprioception)
  • Reflex integration
  • Fine motor skills- hand strength, grasp, release, reach and hand function
  • Visual motor skills, eye hand coordination
  • Perceptual motor skills
  • Self-care skills- dressing, grooming,
  • Range of motion
  • Oral motor
  • Behavior issues due to processing.
  • Coordination issues.

Once areas of delays are determined, an individual customize program with both short term and long-term goals are set up. The purpose of treatment is to restore individual to normal function to full living life.

Check us out at Michigan Craniosacral Therapy in Farmington Hills, Michigan!