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Learn About What Craniosacral Techniques Can Do for You

Caring Loving Acts of Social Service

Interconnecting with Communities 

Michigan Craniosacral Therapy in Farmington Hills, Michigan is committed to giving back to the community. One of the most influential movies in my life was pay it forward. Michigan craniosacral is paying it forward in many ways.

We offer a variety of programs. These programs are designed to teach parents, teachers, families, and those who are just interested in the basics about craniosacral techniques, feeding, and sensory. We believe if you know the basics you can best help your children, family and friends in the moment.

Class Details

Coming Soon

Upcoming Classes Include

  • Beginning with Sensory
  • Deregulation, How Does It Affect Our Children?
  • Basic Craniosacral for Families
  • Tethered tissues
  • oral motor therapy

We look forward to you feedback, Let us know what classes you are interested in In the future we will be doing community projects. Please share your ideas with us.

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